LIMS for Testing Labs

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Are you a testing laboratory currently using Excel to manage your lab’s data? We know such systems can be error prone and inefficient. We also know traditional LIMS software is expensive and a little scary.

GMP LIMS has been providing simple and affordable LIMS software to small and medium size testing laboratories. We can help you get the efficiency and accuracy benefits of a LIMS system at a price that’s right for you.

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Get Customers

Register your clients into your LIMS system and take their requisitions online.

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Add Your Team

Add team members and assign associated roles. Each user’s information access will be restricted based on their role’s privileges. 

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Store Products & Specifications

Store and stay up to date with all your products, associated specifications and quotes.

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Requisition to CoA to Invoice

Track and document your projects from Analysis Requisition to Work Order, to Certificate of Analysis to Invoice through the Project page.

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Manage Your Projects

Manage your priorities and view the status of every project in your Project Index.

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Manage Your Team

Assign tests to analysts, set due dates and view all outstanding tests through your Test Index.

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Get Paid

Last but no least, view and manage all your invoices through your Invoice Index. Generate reports and stay on top of your bottom line.   

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